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 Welcome, hoomans and furriends, to the Barktastic World of The Wolfpack.  

Come on in and prepare to be smothered in paw-some goodness! We're not your average doggos—no, sir!

We're a bunch of tail-waggin', belly-rub lovin', slobbery-kiss-givin' canines on a mission to find our fur-ever homes!

 Our digs might not be fancy, but we've got all the cuddles and snuggles you could ever dream of. Our foster paw-rents are the best, providing us with belly rubs on and treats that are simply too good to resist, they also take care of our paw-ty training and and make sure we're all socialiste and ready to move to our new families and life happily-ever-afters. From rescuing strays, to supporting dog shelters, we're on a mission to spread the woof of love far and wide! So, get your virtual paws ready and start exploring our website! Check out our adorable adoptables, or discover how you can be part of our wag-tastic journey! Come join the paw-ty and let's make some doggos happy! 

We got a call from the shelter,

"Oh no!" Another puppy that is in need of a new home.

We will come and pick it up!

First stop: the vet! Here they will check the puppy to make sure it is chipt and healthy. After that they will give the pup his first vaccin.

Second stop: the Foster family. This is where the puppy will get lots of love, good food,  socialisation and training to get them ready for adoption.  

After the pup has had their last vaccin and  passport they're ready to go to there new home

and fur-ever family!

What we do?


Together, we create magic! Our achievements shine because of the incredible support and collaboration of our partners. With every step, every paw print, they stand beside us, making our goals achievable and our dreams a reality.

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